Year 1

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This week we have enjoyed making our enterprise items to help raise money for CAFOD. The items we have made are inspired by the traditional tales we have been learning about in class this half term.

Gingerbread Man Hanging Decoration

We have made fabulous Gingerbread men hanging decorations. These will look lovely hanging on a door handle, in a window or on a Christmas tree.

Gingerbread Biscuits

We followed a set of instructions to bake the best tasting gingerbread biscuits. We used fairytale themed cutters to shape them, we then added extra details with icing. They taste and smell delicious.

Price £2 for both items.

Children will bring their items home on Thursday.

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Week Ending Friday 2nd October

This week in English we have been detectives. You might not believe it but a enormous beanstalk appeared in our classroom! Together we explored how it got there. We looked for clues and predicted What might of happened and who may have planted or even climbed it. We used our inference skills and evidence from the stories we have read that include a beanstalk, to help solve the mystery. We have enjoyed sharing Jim and the Beanstalk, Jack and the Baked Beanstalk and Jack and the Beanstalk as told by the Giant. In case of an emergency, Mrs Powell has given us an axe, so we can chop the Beanstalk down if there are any signs of danger… we do not want a giant appearing in our classroom.

This week in Maths we have been learning to represent numbers using objects. We have completed fluency tasks and then applied our knowledge to solve tricky reasoning and problem solving questions. In our maths area we have enjoyed representing numbers on dominoes using cubes.

We he are practised counting forwards and backwards from a given number and we are becoming more confident when recognising what comes before or after a given number.

In Science we have been weather reporters each day, we record the weather on our class chart, it’s been cold, cloudy with some sun and rainy this week. We have enjoyed looking at seasonal changes from summer to Autumn. We enjoyed the story Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn. In art we have explored texture and Colour through leaf printing with paint and leaf rubbings with crayons. We have had fun exploring our autumnal tuff tray.

Outdoor Learning we enjoyed listening to and recreating the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We chalked out her journey to Grandma’s house. We acted out the story and marked out key points of the story on our chalk map. We used natural objects to represent numbers up to 20. We made sure we placed them neatly and counted to check we had the correct amount.

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Week Beginning 10th June

This week, Year 2 welcomed Year 1 into the classroom. They have settled in very well and it feels like they have been here forever. Year 2 have been very helpful, making sure they know where everything is and how to do the trickier work.

In RE, we started our new topic about Rules. We discussed why we have rules at home and at school and whether they are good to have or not. We decided that rules are important because they keep us safe, so we don’t get hurt.

We read the traditional tale ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and recited it using actions. We wrote fabulous descriptions about each character and discussed the importance of not going in places that we don’t know. 

In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting and Year 1 have been introduced to missing number problems. 

We were lucky enough to have a steel pan music lesson this week. We listened to instructions and made beautiful music. We even played ‘Shotgun’ and ‘Baby Shark’. The music teacher was very impressed with our behaviour and musical ability. Our art work this week was creating pieces using symmetry. 


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Week beginning 6th May

In RE this week, we have thought about the events of Pentecost Day and what this meant for the disciples. We wrote about how they felt when Jesus left them and how they felt when they realised the Holy Spirit would be with them always. 

In Maths, we have explored the inverse relationships between addition and subtraction using number pyramids, and found fractions of amounts of money.

In English, we read the new story “Seriously, Cinderella is so annoying!” which is told from the Step-Mother’s point of view. We compared it to the original version and then focused on finding the suffixes that were used. We retold our own version of a fairy tale, from a different characters point of view, trying hard to include suffixes.

In Science, we have looked at different habitats across the world and thought about which animals live where and why. We created pictures to add to our display.

We have been practicing our athletic skills in PE which have included relay races and sprinting. We have some great athletes in our class! 

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Week beginning 29th April

This week in RE, we explored Jesus’ promises to send the Holy Spirit and the gifts the disciples received. We discussed the gifts we have and how we know the Holy Spirit is with us when we need it most. We also thought about Jesus’ Ascension and wrote prayers that the disciples may have used during this time. 

In English, we discovered a new book ‘The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig’, an alternate version to the traditional tale. We wrote about the similarities and differences between the two stories and used expanded noun phrases to describe the characters. We then wrote wanted posters or newspaper reports to warn people about this Big, Bad Pig. 

We have been looking at measures in Maths – length, capacity, weight and temperature – and also learned how to find the difference between two numbers. Our Discovery Friday involved creating shape patterns with a line of symmetry. 

In our Geography and History topic, we located and labelled the four countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom. We created an art piece of the Angel of the North using pastels. 


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Week beginning 22nd April

In RE, we started our new topic of Pentecost: Serving – Opportunities, where we are learning all about Good News. We have talked about passing messages on and the best way to do this. We also thought about when we have received Good News and how this made us feel, just as the ladies at Jesus’ tomb felt.

In English, we have focused on suffixes and adverbs. We each wrote a fantastic piece continuing a story, including adverbs to make our sentences more interesting. We always love to write our diary entry and this week we included that we got ice creams to celebrate St George’s day. They were a delicious treat! 

In Maths, we have revisited time, looking at o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. We have also done some fraction work, where we even tried to solve missing number fraction problems, which we did very well with!

We created some art work using charcoal of Newcastle buildings and bridges. It is the start of our new History and Geography topic all about Newcastle. We also began our Science topic looking at living things and habitats. 


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Week beginning 1st April

In RE we looked at the events of Maundy Thursday, how Jesus washed the disciples feet before the Last Supper. We wrote about how we can serve others as Jesus did. We continued to make Lenten art crafts, which this week, was using salt dough to make religious artifacts. We have painted and decorated them.

In Forest School, we made a a fire and roasted marshmallows! We also made popcorn in a pan where we listened carefully to each pop. We explored the area, playing on the swings and dug in the mud.

We also had assessment week, Miss Lawson is very proud of all of our hard work and effort. What a class of Superstars!

We managed to squeeze in some more shape and symmetry work in Maths, as well as our weekly diary writing in English. We wrote a fact book about Mother Teresa and Florence Nightingale to show all that we have learned about them in our History lessons.

We thoroughly enjoyed our extra play time from winning Attendance Ted too.


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Week beginning 25th March

In RE, we have dramatised and retold the events of Palm Sunday. We have started creating art work for our Lenten Promise challenge and have even linked this to our Forest School afternoon. We have collected natural objects to incorporate into our art work – wait until you see them!

In English, we moved onto the invention stage of our non-chronological report writing. We used the ipads to research a topic that interested us and then ‘boxed up’ our chosen subheadings with the information we found. We then created a text map and wrote our final draft of our report.   

We solved problems using money again this week! Our Discovery Friday involved shapes. We were looking at everyday objects around the classroom and working out if they were 2d or 3d and how we know this. Some of us even compared shapes using Venn diagrams. 

In our History lesson, we thought about people and objects from the past and present. We also thought about inventions in the future and who we could be when we are older. 

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Week beginning 18th March

In RE this week, we have thought about how Lent is a time for opportunities to choose to do good. We discussed how we could help others and how we can raise money to help those less fortunate than us. Watch this space for how we are going to put this into action…

This week in Maths, we have been solving addition and subtraction number problems using numbers lines and apparatus. In our Discovery Friday lesson, we were finding different combinations of coins that equal the same amounts of money. We are much more confident when recognising the coins we can use.

In English, we continued to innovate our fact book all about Sharks. We also thought about different sentence types: questions, statements, exclamations and commands. We found it difficult but have a much better understanding of them.  

In History, we have continued to learn all about Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa.  We know that they are special people and Mother Teresa is now a Saint. We drew portraits of both of them using charcoal. Miss Lawson was very impressed with our artistic skills! We have also made our very own Elmer’s out of milk bottles and tissue paper. It was  great fun and we enjoyed being sticky with the glue!




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Week beginning 11th March

In RE this week, we started our new topic of Lent and Easter: Opportunities. We thought about the good and bad choices we may make throughout one day. We also discussed Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday and wrote about why they are important days to Catholics.

This week in English, we innovated our non-chronological report from a camel fact book to a shark fact book. We thought about the importance of subheadings and researched which interesting facts to include. We have looked at expanded noun phrases and are confident including them in our work.

In Maths, we have been partitioning numbers, working with number bonds and adding two 2 digit numbers together. Our Discovery Friday involved fractions using thirds! Tricky stuff!

We have learned all about who Mother Teresa is and have been interested in learning about the life of a nun. In Science, we have made our own grow bags using seeds and beans. The seeds have already started to open!

We also went to Forest School, which we loved! We went on a nature walk, looking at the trees and stream, and also made a swing. We can’t wait to see what we are doing next week!